SELIGER ULTRASONIC FOGGER / MISTER / HUMIDIFIER with Controller, Multi Color LED Lights, Transformer and 12.75 Foot Cord

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Turn on the Seliger Ultrasonic Fogger/Mister/Humidifier for a lovely display day or night. It is also effective decor to set an eerie mood for Halloween. This single disc high output fogger produces a red, blue and green mist. That is because its 9 LEDs include 3 each of red, blue and green lights. This device has German made quality and comes with a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer.

In addition to being a mist maker, this product is a humidifier. Its fog can help keep the atmosphere moist in its area.

Besides its multiple colors of LED lights, this fogger, mister and humidifier comes with a controller. Use it to turn the lights and fogger on or off as well as to make the machine operate slow or fast. Also included are a low voltage transformer and a 12 3/4 foot long cord. The cord attaches the fogger to the controller.

Enhance your home or outdoor decor with the Seliger Ultrasonic Fogger/Mister/Humidifier. Click “Add to Cart” now.

  • MAKES MIST AND HUMIDIFIES: With its colorful lights, the Seliger Ultrasonic Fogger/Mister/Humidifier creates fog accented by a rainbow effect for a fascinating daytime or nighttime display. In addition to being a stunning focal point, the fog adds humidity, or moisture, to the air. This single disc high output fogger includes extra equipment. It also features German made quality and includes a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty!
  • RED, BLUE AND GREEN LIGHTS: Each of the included 9 LED lights is a single color. Three of the lights are red, 3 are blue and 3 are green. LEDs are light emitting diodes.
  • FAST OR SLOW SPEED: Use the provided controller to turn the lights and fogger on or off. Also use it to make the machine run fast or slow.
  • LOW VOLTAGE TRANSFORMER: The transformer that comes with this mist maker has low voltage. That feature helps to keep its operation safe.
  • LONG CONNECTING CORD: The included cord measures 12.75 feet long. It connects the fogger to the controller.

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